Supporting Community Energy Initiatives

Collective Energy actively supports initiatives for collective and community energy. Whether these initiatives are lead by municipalities, citizens or local companies, our community provides support whenever it is requested by sharing its technical and theoretical expertise, its experience in the organization of similar endeavors and its wide network

Organizing and participating in workshops

The activities that aim to inform people regarding the environmental and climate crisis, the energy transition and the role of energy communities in this context, are crucial in these days and, for that purpose, they need to be realized in a thorough and independent from the mainstream discourse framework. As such, we actively participate in relevant workshops and public events where we share our knowledge and experience.

Participating in energy community networks

Collective Energy is member of the European network of energy communities and participates in various Working Groups of the network. Also, our community participates in the attempts to create a network for energy communities in Greece whose main purpose will be to coordinate the activities of its members, especially with respect to the advocacy, and support them by various means.